High quality professional sprayers for keen gardeners

Whilst the Guarany range of products is designed with the professional grower or forestry worker in mind they are often also used by home gardeners who are keen growers or who carry out activities such as lawn spraying or path and patio spraying on a regular basis. The extremely high quality and tough design means this equipment will serve the keen gardener for a decade or more.

Backpack sprayers – for those with larger properties who need to spray regularly the Guarany range of high-quality backpack sprayers will make short work of even big spraying jobs. This is especially true when combined with Guarany’s extensive range of sprayer booms and lances. These sprayers are ideal for delivering fertilisers, insecticides and herbicide, allowing an even spreads across your plant and vegetable beds, lawn, path or patio areas.

Sprayer accessories – Guarany have the largest range of sprayer accessories and lances of any sprayer manufacturer. This means that hard to reach spraying jobs or the spraying of large areas can be handled easily.

Handheld sprayers – Guarany’s range of handheld compression sprayers are suitable for many spraying jobs around the garden from spot weeding to application of insecticides in green houses.

We also supply a range of granule spreaders for spreading granulated fertilisers, weed killers and ice melt granules for lawn, path and garden care. Click here for more information.

Robust and ergonomic backpack sprayers will last for many years

Backpack Sprayers

All our backpack sprayers are built for professional use. This means they are of a rugged design as well as delivering precision spraying. With a huge variety of accessories including dosing valves, extension lances, spray booms and flow regulators our sprayers are incredibly versatile and can be used for almost any conceivable spraying application.

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Spraying Accessory Products

Sprayer Accessories

A wide variety of sprayer accessories are available to fit on our handheld and backpack sprayer units.

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A medium sized compression sprayer for garden and household

Hand Held Sprayers

Our range of handheld sprayers are built to the same professional standards as our larger knapsack sprayers. Their solid design means they are incredibly useful for a wide variety of smaller spraying applications.

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PSP are the exclusive UK and Europe distributors of the Guarany brand of sprayers. We sell directly to the public and trade and are pleased to discuss trade accounts for contractors and other professional users. If you are a reseller interested in horticultural or disinfecting and cleaning equipment, please contact us for opportunities to sell the PSP range.

About Guarany

Established in 1923 Guarany have established themselves as a world leading equipment manufacturer specialising in spraying and powder application equipment. Their business is built on a strong ethical philosophy: at the heart of Guarany’s ethos is a respect and care for the natural world. While spraying and fogging disinfectants, detergents, biocontrols and agrochemicals may be necessary, Guarany products aim to minimise excessive usage with clever, thoughtful designs and a range of innovative accessories.

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