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Time to start spraying Trico against pesky deer destruction

By 21st September 2022March 20th, 2023No Comments

As we have previously discussed, deer can do enormous damage to trees, young trees, shrubs and other plants. A client of ours recently lost 1000s of young trees to three deer which got in and decimated his newly planted saplings.

Late September and early October is the perfect time to start spraying trees and plants, particularly newly planted ones, ahead of winter browsing; the weather is (hopefully) dryer, allowing products such as TRICO® to adhere to leaves and, given it works well for up to six months, meaning plants are protected until the spring when another coating can be applied.

TRICO® itself has proven to be an effective deterrent against deer ‘browsing’ (or destruction as some may call it!). TRICO® is a natural repellent made of sheep fat which, when sprayed on trees and plants, repels deer due to its smell and taste. The product can clog manual sprayers, however, so is not so easy to deliver effectively across large areas.

The Deer Repellent Spraying Kit offers a neat solution. The sprayer is slightly modified to prevent clogging and the addition of the Dosimeter means precise doses of TRICO® can be delivered, reducing wastage and saving money. It comprises;

Guarany 12 Litre Pro Backpack Sprayer (BL107576)
Guarany Dosimeter (BL103450)
Guarany 1200mm S5 Lance (BL106519) or 900mm S5 Lance (BL106518)
03 80° Nozzle Tip (BL112982)

Why not watch our video to find out more and see how you can make easy work of deer deterrent spraying?

To buy the Deer Repellent Kit, click here and to buy Trico®, click here.